5 Offseason Priorities For The Chiefs

photograph of arrowhead stadium for the kansas city chiefsThe Chiefs are coming off an AFC West title and a 12-win season.  You might think that’s great or could still be bitter about how the season ended. Either way, it’s time to turn the page and start planning for the 2017 season.

With that in mind we’ve come up with our top 5 off season priorities for the Chiefs:

  1. Sign Eric Berry

Yes, we know salary cap room is tight. That’s why the Chiefs should take their time and negotiate to get the best deal. But when push comes to shove Eric needs to be on this team next year. He’s an emotional leader and a dang good player. Not only that, the bond between Berry and Justin Houston and Marcus Peters is clear. A happy Eric Berry is a happy Justin Houston and Marcus Peters. Those three happy and healthy is what the Chiefs need.

  1. Trade or Cut Nick Foles

Like we said the Chiefs don’t have a lot of cap space, this move frees some up. Love or hate Alex Smith we know Foles won’t start over him. Perhaps the Chiefs need to move on from Smith but Foles isn’t an upgrade and 10 million for a backup is just too much. Foles could get you a 6th round pick, maybe better than that on a second day of the draft if teams miss on QB’s they like.

  1. Draft a Quarterback

It’s clear Alex Smith has his limitations. Chiefs fans can gripe about them all they want but because Smith gets you to the playoffs it makes it hard to find his replacement in the NFL Draft due to positioning. Deshaun Watson isn’t walking through the door at Arrowhead but perhaps the next Derek Carr (2nd round pick) is. The only way to find out is to pull the trigger. Smith has one year left on his deal and the Chiefs could likely reup with him post 2017 for 2 to 3 years of playoff football if they swing and miss on a QB in this years draft. The timing is right here.

  1. Use Your First Round Pick on a Running Back

The Chief have enough picks this draft (11) to trade up in the first round. Getting a stud RB (and there’s plenty available) should be a top priority. When the Chiefs can run it really opens up their playbook and keeps them from having to stretch the field, which isn’t a strength. The Chiefs Offensive line is in the middle of the pack, getting a power runner could mask some of their issues.

  1. Let Poe and Charles Walk

As sad as it would be to let Poe and Charles leave they are both play positions with short shelf lives. Both have extensive injury issues and both will cost a pretty penny. Poe’s replacements are already in Kansas City, granted it might be a committee that replaces him. And Charles, while being a Chiefs great hasn’t played meaningful football since early 2015. Shed a tear for these guys but don’t open the wallet for them.

Even with players coming and going the arrow is pointed up on the Chiefs. Combine that with a first-place schedule and Arrowhead will be rocking come this September. If you can’t hold your excitement in go ahead and get your tickets now at ticketsforless.com

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