Chiefs 2017 Schedule Released… Kind Of

The 2016 season isn’t over for the AFC West Champion Kansas City Chiefs. They still await a Divisional Playoff game and perhaps more (you can buy your tickets to that game by clicking here).

While the sun has not set on the 2016 Chiefs the forecast for 2017 is already available. This week the NFL announced the home and away game for all teams. Dates haven’t been set but the Chiefs do know who they’ll be facing next year and boy oh boy is it stacked with great opponents. If you want to see the best match ups the NFL has to offer you’ll be watching a lot of Chiefs football next year.

Chiefs Away Games 2017

  • Broncos 9-7 in 2016
  • Raiders 12-4 in 2016 – Playoff Wildcard Team
  • Chargers 5-11 in 2016
  • Patriots 14-2 in 2016 – AFC East Champion
  • Jets 5-11 in 2016
  • Cowboys 13-3 in 2016 – NFC East Champion
  • Giants 11-5 in 2016 – Playoff Wildcard Team
  • Texans 9-7 in 2016 – AFC South Champion

Yep, that’s 5 road games against playoff teams. The Chief’s road opponents have a combined winning percentage over .600 which is pretty darn good. On top of that playing media darlings New England and Dallas likely mean playing in prime time spots and even perhaps night games. Tough sledding to say it lightly but at 12-4 the Chiefs aren’t someone any of these teams are happy about seeing on their schedule either.

Chiefs Home Games 2017

  • Broncos 9-7 in 2016
  • RaidersĀ 12-4 in 2016 – Playoff Wildcard Team
  • ChargersĀ 5-11 in 2016
  • Bills 7-9 in 2016
  • Dolphins 10-6 – Playoff Wildcard Team
  • Eagles 7-9 in 2016
  • Redskins 8-7-1 in 2016
  • Steelers 11-5 in 2016 – AFC North Champion

The home slate for the Chiefs seems a little easier but still has three playoff teams on it. That means half of the Chiefs 2017 games will be against 2016 playoff teams, including ever AFC playoff team. We’d bet the Chiefs get one prime time game at Arrowhead this year, maybe two.

While tickets are not available for the 2017 season you know you’ll be able to find them at Tickets For Less come August of 2017.

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