Chiefs 2018 Draft Picks- Prospects, Picks & Players

The Chiefs went through some serious changes within the last off season. With Alex Smith out and Patrick Mahomes in, that was just the start of the revamping of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, the franchise is looking to fill their Chiefs 2018 draft picks with certain players they hope will bring out the best in the team. We’ll take a look at who is gone from the Chiefs 2017, who’s returning, who’s coming and who the Chiefs 2018 draft picks will potentially be.

Chiefs 2018 Draft Picks

Round 2 – No. 54

Round 3 – No. 78 (from Washington for Alex Smith)

Round 3 – No. 86 (The Chiefs had this pick in the 2017 Draft and they chose Kareem Hunt… look how he turned out! Let’s hope it’s another pick as successful as him!)

Round 4 – No. 122

Round 4 – No. 124 (from Los Angeles for Marcus Peters)

Round 6 – No. 196

Round 7 – No. 233 (from Arizona Cardinals for Marcus Coopers)

Round 7 – No. 243 (from Tennessee Titans for David King)

Some potential Chiefs 2018 draft picks include multiple players but mostly, the Chiefs will be looking for depth. Right now, the starters have a set lineup. But it’s the depth and the bench Andy Reid needs in order to consistently make the Chiefs effective on the field. Though great veterans like Travis Kelce, Justin Houston and Dee Ford will return and take on the roles of leaders of the team, it’s important to have those that can back them up off the bench. In case these players get hurt, need a break or need someone to come in for a fresh set of legs that won’t let the line crash and burn.

Possible tight end players could be:

Possible EDGE players could be:

Chiefs 2018 Roster- Returning Players

Although Andy Reid and the Chiefs went through some serious changes, some of the top and fan-favorite players are back for the Chiefs 2018 season among many others! Check out the full roster here.

Patrick Mahomes (QB)

Tyreek Hill (WR)

Travis Kelce (TE)

Eric Berry (DB)

Allen Bailey (DL)

Harrison Butker (K)

Dustin Colquitt (P)

Justin Houston (LB)

Dee Ford (LB)

Chris Conley (WR)

Eric Fischer (OL)

Akeem Hunt (RB)

Kareem Hunt (RB)

Chris Jones ( DL)

Charcandrick West (RB)


Chiefs 2018 Roster- Acquired Players

In exchange for Alex Smith, the Washington Redskins traded Kendall Fuller and a third-round draft pick to the Chiefs. Fuller is a cornerback who successfully made 97 tackles, 75 of them solo, in two seasons with the Redskins. He weighs in at 198 and 5′ 11” from Virginia Tech.

Sammy Watkins was acquired by the Chiefs from the Los Angeles Rams. As an explosive wide receiver, Watkins will positively impact the Chiefs 2018 roster as he will compliment Mahomes well. Watkins has over 3000 receiving yards and has 25 touchdowns in his four years in the league.

The Chiefs acquired Xavier Williams as a defensive lineman from the Arizona Cardinals.

Cornerback David Amerson from the Oakland Raiders. He has six years experience in the league and the Chiefs are hoping for some leadership from Amerson on the defensive end, whether he plays much or not. The last game he played was against the Kansas Chiefs back in October but then sat out the rest of the season due to a foot injury.

Two players came from the practice squad, WR Marcus Kemp and RB C.J. Spiller. Kemp, a wide receiver, and Spiller, an eight-year vetern running back, both signed on for the Chiefs in January 2018 after Akeem Hunt and De’Anthony Thomas were placed on injured reserve.

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