Chiefs’ 2018 Preseason Schedule Announced

The Chiefs’ 2018 preseason schedule has been announced with opponents and possible dates! This means football season is almost here and it’s time to start letting the excitement back in. We know spring can be tough, but with the football season so close, and now even closer with preseason, we can feel the magic in the air!


Chiefs’ 2018 Preseason Schedule


Game 1

Opponent: Houston Texans

Possible Dates: August 9th-13th

Location: Arrowhead Stadium

Last season, the Chiefs played the Texans in regular season and won 42-34. Charcandrick West was the shining star of the game with two touchdowns and only two receptions. Kareem Hunt ran 29 carries for 107 yards for the Chiefs and Harrison Butker went five for five in kicks earning the Chiefs a whopping 18 points. One awesome recaps of the Chiefs vs Texans game was Tyreek Hill’s 75 yard punt return for a touchdown!


Game 2

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons

Possible Dates: August 16th-20th

Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The last time the Chiefs faced the Falcons was in 2016 in a nail biter. The Chiefs pulled through a 29-28 win. Eric Berry picked one and scored a touchdown for the Chiefs and Travis Kelce made eight receptions for 140 yards. Though the team has changed significantly, let’s see the Chiefs pull out another great win in preseason!


Game 3

Opponent: Chicago Bears

Possible Dates: August 23rd-26th

Location: Soldier Field

It’s been three years since the Chiefs faced off with the Chicago Bears but the Chiefs are out for revenge after losing 18-17 back in 2015. De’Anthony Thoms scored a touchdown, rushed five yards, returned the kick for 19 yards then returned three punt returns for 17 yards.


Game 4

Opponent: Green Bay Packers

Possible Dates: August 30th-31st

Location: Arrowhead Stadium

The Chiefs last met Green Bay on September 28th, 2015 and lost 28-38. Though the Chiefs put in a good fight, the team fell short and since then, the Chiefs have seen a wider turnover in players. Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Maclin and Alex Smith made up most of the offense for a combined 332 yards and four touchdowns.


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