Chiefs sign six of nine draft picks

Mandatory Credit: BJ Kissel –¬†

Heading into the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs have signed six of nine draft picks, and seven college free agents.

The draft picks signed include:

Chris Jones (DL, 2nd round)

Parker Ehinger (OL, 4th round)

Demarcus Robinson (WR, 4th round)

Kevin Hogan (QB, 5th round)

D.J. White (DB, 6th round)

Dadi Nicolas (LB, 6th round)

One name missing from the signed list is Tyreek Hill, who came with some controversy as he was involved in a significant domestic violence incident early in his collegiate career which derailed the path he was originally on. He has spent the last year staying out of trouble and trying to repair his image.

Fans, as a general statement, were upset about the pick, but General Manager John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid defended Hill and the selection by addressing the concerns and telling media they did their due-diligence in vetting each and every player to ensure they were selecting the best possible character player.

Whether or not that holds true with Hill will be entirely up to him, but should he slip up, would look very badly for Dorsey and the organization. In terms of his contract, whether it became public or not, it would seem likely that the team would hinge a large portion of his contact as incentive-based payouts both on and off the field.

The free agents signed include:

Jake Bernstein (Guard)

Ben Clarke (Center)

Vernon Harris (Defensive Back)

Tre Jones (Defensive Back)

Mitch Mathews (Wide Receiver)

Shak Randolph (Defensive Back)

Terrance Smith (Linebacker)


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