Chiefs Top 10 in Latest Power Rankings

The Kansas City Chiefs, despite the heartbreaking loss to the Denver Broncos last Thursday, come in among the top 10 in both and Power Rankings, heading into week 3 of the NFL season. has the Chiefs ranked No. 6, as they prepare to take on No. 1-ranked Green Bay in what should be a classic Monday Night Football matchup between two of the most historic NFL franchises. has the Chiefs at No. 10 following the loss, falling three spots from the previous week.

While Power Rankings are really more for fans and readers, respectable sites featuring some of the best NFL analysts in the country collectively view the Chiefs as one of the top 6-10 teams in the NFL.

Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback and Sporting Illustrated, has the Chiefs coming in at No. 5 in his latest rankings.

At the end of the day, fans want to see these types of accolades result in victories on the field, and after Thursday’s loss to the Broncos, the fear that Andy Reid and the Chiefs struggle to close out tightly fought games, remains.

Reid himself will not second-guess his play calling or management of end-of-game situations, but internally, one would expect the Chiefs to review how they finished–or didn’t finish–the loss to Denver and make sure a team with this much talent and promise in 2015, doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Looking ahead, Green Bay presents Kansas City with another tough test, mainly because of Aaron Rodgers–widely considered the best player in the NFL.

Rodgers has full command over a potent offense, and although several of his usual weapons are out, receiver Randall Cobb and the resurgence of James Jones has given Rodgers plenty on the offensive end to remain spectacular.

All three of Kansas City’s AFC West foes rank among the top 21 in the league, with Oakland holding down the 21st spot, according to

Denver is among the top 5, while San Diego comes in at No. 12.

Even with a loss, the division remains wide-open, and no one team has particularly separated themselves as the dominant title contender. While the Raiders are the least impressive of the bunch, albeit getting better with additions such as Amari Cooper from Alabama, it’ll likely come down to Kansas City, Denver, and San Diego.

Most predict the Chiefs and Broncos to duke it out for the division title, with the other coming in as a potential wild card team in the AFC.

The Chiefs have their sites set on Green Bay and have quickly moved on from the Denver loss.

Monday’s showdown with the Packers will likely bring in the most viewers of any game this week, and is another chance for Kansas City to show off for a national audience.

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