Top 7 Reasons to Attend the Chiefs vs Raiders Game

The Chiefs vs Raiders game is always a big one in the AFC West Division. Don’t miss this rivalry and come see the Chiefs vs Raiders at Arrowhead!


#1. Commercial Free

It’s that time of year and every business, entity, etc. is marketing their business constantly. Head to Arrowhead and avoid all the commercials during any break of the game!

#2. Chiefs Vs Raiders Rivalry

Your home may be warm but there’s nothing compared to the heat of the rivalry of the Chiefs vs Raiders. Both teams have extreme fans… but we’re biased and it’s fact that Chiefs fans are the better of the two.

#3. Yell Loud and Proud

So you have kids at home or your spouse or significant other at home and they just aren’t into the game. They limit your screams, cheers and shouts. Luckily, at Arrowhead, there are no restrictions to the noises your mouth can make. After all, Arrowhead stadium is the loudest stadium in the country!

#4. Meet a Friend

Being home watching the game has its benefits but can you really enjoy the pride of being a Chiefs fan alone? Probably not. Join the Sea of Red and throw some high fives and fist bumps to the fan to the right, left, front and behind you. Even if there’s some black and silver in the crowds, let’s show those Raiders fans the real way to cheer on a team!

#5. Junk Food

At home, you may get the chips and dips and a beer or two, but nothing beats a stadium pretzel, hot dog and an ice cold beer from the beer man walking up the steps. Do you have someone yelling to you at home “Cold beer hereee!! Get your beer!” and tossing you a beer straight to your cheer? If you do, you’re one lucky fan. However, for most of us we can only get that kind of service at Arrowhead and nothing beats a sip of that drink and crunch of the chips sitting in the red chairs of Arrowhead.

#6. Social Media on Point

No matter where you sit at the game, you can Snap Chat, Instagram, or post to Facebook and Twitter and get the excitement in action. Share to the world where you are and everyone will be liking and commenting on the jealousy. Sure you can Google “Arrowhead Stadium Chiefs vs Raiders Game” and post that, but make it real and authentic with a selfie of you and the Chiefs in the background.

#7. The Support

The Chiefs need their fans. That’s why we are #ChiefsKingdom. Come to Arrowhead and cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. No matter our record or what games we’ve had in the past, it’s the Chiefs vs Raiders game happening now that matters! Put on your Chiefs gear and head to the game this weekend!

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