Football Playoff Tickets- Avoid Fraud and Scams

Post season: when all your superstitions are very real, the T.V. is only playing football, your fridge is full of beer and salsa, and your group messages are blowing up with options to buy football playoff tickets.

Yes, post season is a very exciting time. This 2019 season is especially great, as the competition is high and the fight to win the title is tough. But with great excitement, also comes great risks. This post season, don’t lose to ticket scams and rip offs. Make sure your football playoff tickets are legit by following these three tips.

Tip 1: Find football playoff tickets from a trusted source

Tickets For Less is an official partner of the Kansas City Chiefs/Arrowhead Events. All of our tickets come with an authenticity guarantee. Other ticket brokers like StubHub and Ticketmaster, can be trusted as well.

Other sites, like Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, and the like, cannot be trusted. These people are acting alone. There is no guarantee and no liability held with these individuals. Be weary of “great deals” found on these sites, as they are not to be trusted.

Tip 2: Request for a direct transfer

Because the entire league has switched to mobile ticketing, it is harder to duplicate tickets. However, it is not completely impossible. Tickets can be screen shot, and then sent to numerous people. The only way to avoid this, is to request a direct transfer of the ticket. All Chiefs playoff tickets can be managed through the Chiefs mobile app.

Tip 3: Avoid online payments to third party sites

If you choose to carry on with an individual in buying their tickets, the last tip to avoid fraud or scams on your football playoff tickets, is to do it in person. Sending money via Venmo, PayPal, wiring money, and so on, is not secure. You have no hopes of getting that money back if the ticket fails.

If the person physically walks you to the gate and scans the ticket and it works, you can pay them electronically at that time. But that should be the only reason for doing so. You may never get a call returned if the money is already out of your account and the ticket doesn’t work.

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