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Chiefs season is quickly approaching and Kansas City is getting ready to go. The Kansas City Chiefs will be back in action at Arrowhead Stadium starting with the pre-season games on August 11th and August 31st and then finally for the home opener for the season on September 17th.  Seize the day and take in everything Arrowhead has to offer but great seats to great eats.

Before you can enter golden gates of Arrowhead, you have to have your ticket. Find one that fits your budget and your desired view. No seat is a bad seat inside Arrowhead but make sure you know exactly where you’re sitting to avoid circling the place.

Field Level behind visitors


101-107 & 132-136

201- 209 & 240-246

301-309 & 341-346


Field Level behind Chiefs








125-131 & 108-113*

210-216 & 232-239

310-316 & 331-340





Kansas City Chiefs Seating

Courtesy of KC Chiefs




*where players enter the field

After walking around the stadium and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, you may build up an appetite. There is quite the array of food.

The Food

In Arrowhead, you’ll find Blaze Burgers and Fries, Chiefs Bar, The Foolish Dog, Slice, The Burger Box, Jack Stack Barbecue, Gridiron Grill, Tailgaters, DTF desserts, Sheridans, Topsy’s and Unforked. The Linebacker Burger ranks among the most popular of the Arrowhead food items. Feeling adventerous? Try the Chocolate Bacon Blitz pizza. It has peanut butter, fudge, peanut butter cups and to top it off… bacon!

Kansas City Chiefs

Courtesy of Chiefs


Courtesy of Chiefs


Maybe the chili spills or the chocolate drips on your jersey! Look fresh again by swinging by the Fan shops and grab some swag.

Fan Shops

The Chiefs Pro Shops can be found in sections 101, 108, 117, 119 and 126. They have everything you need. Is the weather colder than you expected? Go buy a new Kansas City Chiefs blanket. You’ll find any Chiefs item you could ever want. In fact, treat yourself to a game and as the holiday seasons come up, get all your gifts from inside the shops and enjoy the game knowing you’ll get everyone the perfect gift!



Any day entering into the golden gates of Arrowhead is bound to be a great day. Whether you’re sitting down low or last row in the top in the newest Mahomes jersey or a throwback Len Dawson jersey, the Kansas City Chiefs is our team and this season will be one of the best.

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