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Mandatory Credit: Matt Barnard – Tulsa World

I was already among those skeptics not sold on Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey. There is absolutely no defense of what the Chiefs did Saturday in the final day of the draft. Dorsey and his posse, which of course includes the owner and head coach, cannot and should not be forgiven for signing Tyreek Hill. Just to refresh your memory on the diminutive kick returner, Hill was kicked out of Oklahoma State for beating up his girlfriend. Sadly, it was more than roughing up the young woman.

Hill pleaded guilty on August 21, 2015, to domestic abuse by strangulation. Yes – strangulation. His girlfriend was 2 months pregnant at the time. In addition to strangulation, he hit her in the stomach with his fist. He cut her face and lip. He also slammed her head against a wall. Like most decent people, I do believe in second chances, but not in this case. Not when a person is going to be paid millions of dollars to be in the entertainment business after committing those egregious acts.

Hill pleaded guilty and is taking anger management courses and that’s about it. If he doesn’t screw up, everything will be wiped from his record in 2 years. In some occupations, (i.e., doctors, lawyers, etc.) licenses would be surrendered. This is a major issue that won’t go away anytime soon.

The Chiefs represent our city and now Tyreek Hill becomes a part of that. Dorsey and Reid have repeatedly preached about building this franchise with high character people. In three years they have done a respectable job. As far as I can determine, only 2 players have had run-ins with the law under this regime, a far cry from the last twenty years where there seemed to be Chiefs players in trouble every week or so.

But signing Tyreek Hill is a clear indication the bottom line for this team is winning above everything else. Action speaks louder than words. The Chiefs drafted another player over the weekend from a questionable background, DeMarcus Robinson, a wide receiver from Florida. He was suspended or benched multiple times after failing drug tests at Florida.

Look this sport like many in the professional ranks is not made up of choir boys. We don’t expect exemplary behavior, but using the cop-out that everyone deserves a second chance does not work in the case of Tyreek Hill. I’m sure the Chiefs feel all will be forgotten as soon as this player returns a long kick for a touchdown. All will be forgiven. It is our responsibility in the media not to let you forget. It’s too bad that what could be regarded as a pretty decent Chiefs draft, had to be overshadowed by a bad choice by John Dorsey and his staff.

The NFL has made such a positive push at making us cognizant of the seriousness of domestic abuse and the devastating impact it has in our society. It’s certainly troubling to watch the Chiefs draft a young player who is guilty of such heinous behavior.

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