What to Expect for the Kansas City Chiefs Playoffs Appearance

The Chiefs clinched the 4th seed with a win over the Dolphins. Now the Kansas City Chiefs playoffs expectations are more real than ever. Know what to expect for the Kansas City Chiefs playoffs appearance. From possible weather, to opponents, to history of the Chiefs playoffs record and more!

Kansas City Chiefs playoffs

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Kansas City Chiefs Playoffs Opponents

With an insured spot in the playoffs, the Kansas City Chiefs will rank as the fourth seed in the AFC division for the playoffs. As the fourth seed, the Chiefs will play in the Wild Card game. Also after clinching the fourth seed spot, the Chiefs secure home field advantage as the Wild Card game will be held at Arrowhead. However, it gets tricky. Although the Kansas City Chiefs playoffs spot is for sure, their opponent is not. It all comes down to week 17 of the NFL season to decide who the Chiefs will play.

Here are the possible scenarios:

  1. If the Baltimore Ravens defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens will go head-to-head with the Chiefs at Arrowhead. No matter what the outcome is for other teams in week 17, as long as the Ravens pull out a W over the 6-9 Bengals, we will see Baltimore in Kansas City.
  2. If the Ravens lose, our opponents can vary. In this instance, if the Ravens lose and the Tennessee Titans win, we will play the Titans. However, the third seed, the Jacksonville Jaguars, play the Titans in week 17 and can knock them out for good. So as long as the Ravens lose and the Titans win, we will see Tennessee in Kansas City.
  3. If the Ravens and Titans both lose, the Bills will have to beat the Miami Dolphins in order to claim their spot. If they win, they will rank as the fifth seed to take on our Kansas City Chiefs. Luckily for the Bills, they hold the tiebreaker. The Bills win over the Ravens based on strength of victory. The Bills would also win the tiebreaker over the Chargers based on win percentage in conference games. In the case the Bills win and the other teams fall short of victory, we will see Buffalo once again in Kansas City.
  4. When the Wild Card game is over and the Kansas City Chiefs (hopefully) advance to the next round, the KC Chiefs could take on the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots. If the Chiefs win and the Jaguars lose, we will play the Steelers at Pittsburgh. If the Chiefs win and the Jaguars win, we will play the Patriots once again in Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts.

KC Chiefs Playoffs History

Although the last time the Kansas City Chiefs were in the Super Bowl was in 1970 when they won it all, the Chiefs do have a history of playoff appearances. In total, the KC Chiefs have been in 26 All-Time playoff games, 10 Wild Card games, and 10 divisional games. The Chiefs have a 1-1 record at the Super Bowl. They hold a 9-17 record for All-Time playoff games and went 5-15 in Wild Card and Divisional games collectively.

No matter the past events in the playoffs, the Chiefs are looking better this year. With a minor slump in the season, the Chiefs are back and stronger than ever. With Harrison Butker (or Butt Kicker as we know him) and other record-setting Chiefs players the team is back on track. Not to mention, the Chiefs made history this season alone as they became only the second team in all of NFL history to have a 4,000-yard quarterback (Alex Smith), a 1,000-yard rusher (Kareem Hunt), a 1,000-yard receiver (Tyreek Hill) and a 1,000-yard tight end (Travis Kelce).

Kansas City Chiefs Playoffs Weather

As the chill is moving in to Kansas City, get ready for a cold one. For many fans who attended the game against the Dolphins, you know how it can get during the game. Right now, the forecast is looking to get even colder. The week before the playoffs, you can expect a few days of snow! Luckily, by the weekend of the Wild Card games, the snow will clear and the sun will come out. If the Kansas City Chiefs playoffs game happens to be in the day, you can expect temperatures rising to about 35-45 degrees. If the Wild Card game is later in the evening, bundle up because the temperature will fall to mid 20’s.

Even if the weather seems unbearable, knowing the Chiefs have a chance to reach the Super Bowl this year makes it all worth it. Secure your spot at Arrowhead for the playoffs Wild Card game in January. Be there in person for the live excitement and action. If the Chiefs pull out the W, Arrowhead will be electric. Get your tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs playoffs game now!

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