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Top 10 Chiefs Touchdown Celebrations

Football players have gotten very creative since the league relaxed the touchdown celebration policy ahead of the 2017 season and Kansas City has had some awesome celebrations. From “giving CPR” to a “pit stop” fans have been treated to a whole new aspect of post-touchdown entertainment

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2017 Kansas City Chiefs Schedule Released

The 2017 Kansas City Chiefs Schedule has been released! The Chiefs will be hosting eight regular season home games at Arrowhead Stadium against the Eagles, Redskins, Steelers, Broncos, Bills, Raiders, Chargers, and Dolphins. Away game opponents are the Patriots (which kicks off the regular season), Chargers, Texans, Raiders, Cowboys, Giants,

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Top 5 Chiefs Quarterbacks

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback position contains an interesting mix of names when you roll back the years. From Damon Huard to Len Dawson, there is truly any kind of quarterback.

It’s been a tough position for fans. Chiefs history is spotted with great quarterbacks amidst a host of busts and

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